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Lone Star Classic National Qualifier, April 22-24

At the Dallas Convention Center (650 South Griffin Street Dallas, TX 75202)

Friday’s schedule  – 2:30pm start time, court 7 – Hall F.   Round1 pool (ref, play, rest, play, ref, play)

Saturday’s schedule – 8am start time, court 7 – Hall FRound 2 pool (play, rest, ref, play, play)

Sunday’s schedule – 8am start time,  court 13 – Hall F.  Silver A Bracket (single elimination)

This tournament will have 1200+, not players, teams.   It’s a monster of a tournament, the largest qualifier in the country with 180 of last year’s participant teams went on to nationals. Here’s the tournament website.

It’ll be fun, let’s get ready for it!


April 24th – Wow, that was some tournament. So many good teams from all over the country, even the semi-legendary Borenquin Coqui team from Puerto Rico (update: they finished 1st at nationals). Plus the unexpected twist and turns that made this tournament “epic” as Madeline said.

The week began promisingly with an extra good practice on Tuesday, then a fun practice on Thursday where the girls wrote their ideas on “How I can be a leader”.Then at the tournament, just as they were finding their mojo, came a big blow when our most versatile player Maddy badly sprained her ankle on the second day. The girls unraveled a bit to nearly have lost the next match against Texas Tornados, but were re-energized to win the match seeing Maddy back from the trainer’s. It was great to see their affection for Maddy.

Injured Maddy

With Lucy too already hobbling from tendinitis the Kabooms played on with just 6 healthy players.  They still finished 17th, above the 29th seed they began this tournament with. Great job, girls!A nice surprise at the tournament was meeting Sunshine 12 Elite, a team from California, whom we lost to twice. Each time was a hard-fought battle, and it was after the first match that two Sunshine players came to our post-game huddle to share heart-felt encouragement to our girls. As parent coaches, we want our girls to develop character as well, and it was a wonderful example of sportsmanship and leadership to see. We definitely will emulate it. Kudos to the Sunshines!

Kabooms + Sunshines + Justin

Something else to take away from this tournament after seeing some of the best teams in the country in person, is that we’re actually not that far off from them like we had thought. The amazing hits and digs that they do with every rally, our girls can do too once in a while in pracice. We just can’t do it at will like them on a consistent basis yet. It’s certainly doable to speed up the process to be as good as them if we set our minds to it to train as they do and be willing to work through the many struggles and difficulties that will entail. That would be a great accomplishment for a team like ours.

But I think the price to be that good is perhaps too steep for this group of girls to pay. We certainly want them to be passionate about volleyball. But not so consumed by it that they cannot continue to play other sports, do other activities to develop other talents.

We have one more tournament next weekend, let’s enjoy our last week of 2011 club ball and make sure the girls know we appreciate them.

Go Kabooms!

Sunshines + Kabooms

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