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Club change to Dallas Premier

It’s official, Park Cities Volleyball Club has been retired and the Kabooms have joined Dallas Premier. Click below to go to new website.

Premier Kaboom

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National ranking

In the final 2012 ranking, USAV has us 95th out of 1137 national teams.

Great job, girls! Way to finish 9th at both Colorado and Lone Star to make top 10% nationally.

Click here for the ranking database (we’re listed as 13 Kaboom, team code FJ3PARKC1NT)

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2012 AAU Nationals, June 19-23

Tournament website

Wednesday, June 20 – pool 29, court 81,  Orange County Convention Center

  • 8am vs Dunes 13 Teal, lost 14-25, 23-25
  • 11am vs Highlands Performance 13 Rox, lost 17-25, 22-25
  • 12pm vs IVA 13 Impact, won 25-15, 25-15

Thursday, June 21 schedule – pool 2, court 55, Orange County Convention Center

  • 9am vs Asics Munciana Pumas, lost 18-25, 25-22, 8-15
  • 10am vs Ka Ulukoa 13 Red Mizuno, lost 20-25, 18-25
  • 12pm vs Levoc 13 Marcos, lost 25-23, 13-25, 12-15

Friday, June 22  schedule – pool 13, court 1 at ESPN Wide World of Sports – HP Field House

  • 3:30pm vs Asics Willowbrook 13 White, won 25-22, 25-10
  • 4:30pm vs OVA 13 Molten, won 22-25, 25-20, 15-10
  • 6:30pm vs Mizuno M1 131, won 25-21, 25-21

Saturday, June 23 schedule –  court 52 at Orange County Convention Center

  • 9am vs Cariduras, lost 20-25, 16-25

Final standings

Our season didn’t end after all. The girls heard about AAU (and Orlando!), they lobbied to go even though most of the team have other plans in June. We ended up inviting players from other teams and went to AAU with 3 Kaboomers, 3 Texas Assaults and 2 Club Maxes.

After 4 days of competition, we came in 51st out of 121 teams. The Kabooms never finished that low before and said goodbye to our streak of always making Gold playoffs, but this tournament was far from disappointing.

The girls competed with great spirit and developed a camaraderie of the best kind. They stuck with each other through thick and thin; and when things were clicking they nearly beat the Levoc 13 Marcos team that finished 3rd in this tournament.

Great job, girls! Way to play hard and have fun – the Kaboom way!


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Fun stuff

Click here to see a video Kristen made for singer Noelle Bean who was a volleyball player too (the Kabooms can be seen at the very end of the video).

Click here to see Jeff Menzel going up for a block. Jeff is 6’6″ with 45″ vertical. See how high his knees are relative to the net (and that’s 8′ men’s net, not 7’4 women’s).

Click here for Leonel Marshal who is 6’4″ with 50″ vertical!

Click here for Angie Pressey Forsett, former Cal Berkeley and current US National team outside hitter who is only 5’8″!

Click here for a player to watch for in London. 6’10” outside hitter Matt Anderson, 40″ vertical.

Click here for match point between USC and Illinois where the ball crossed the net 23 times, 55 touches total.

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North Texas Region Bid Championship, May 5-6

At Net Results (2600 Research Drive, Plano 7574 – Google map)

Saturday’s schedule – court 5, Pools

  • 3:00pm vs Club 900.2, won 25-11, 25-12
  • 5:00pm vs TAV Advantage, won 25-22, 25-9
  • 8pm vs Texas Assault Black, lost 18-25, 20-25

Sunday’s schedule – court 6

  • 8:00am vs Club Legacy National Blue, won 25-22, 25-22
  • 10:00am vs Victory Elite Black, lost 18-25, 20-25

Final Standings

Kabooms + Jack

Wow, what a great way to end the season!

This tournament was the last chance for the national teams in our region to earn a bid in the 2012 USAV national championship.  With the tournament’s top 4 finishers getting to go to Columbus in July, everyone brought their best effort, the competition level was brutal where hot teams took their game to another level.

For us to get a bid would require a minor miracle so we just wanted to do our best, to bring our A game to this tournament to earn our 14th rank in the region. And the girls sure did it finishing 9th!  But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for us. In Saturday’s pool play we had a chance to even our score with Texas Assault but lost badly again. Fortunately we still made the Gold playoffs and the girls bounced back to do awesome on Sunday. We scored a win over Club Legacy where both teams competed hard and played with few errors.  The Kabooms then stepped up some more to play some of their best ball against Victory Elite Black (#3 in the region). We should not be in their league but the Kabooms more than kept up, leading each set. We still lost but it felt like a win  since the girls competed with great spirit and executed as well as they could. Great job, girls!


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Lone Star Classic National Qualifier, April 13-15, 2012

At  the Dallas Convention Center (650 S Griffin St  Dallas, Texas 75202 – Google map)

Friday’s schedule – court 5 Hall F, Pools

  • 3:30pm vs Tejas 13 Red, won 25-9, 25-6
  • 5:30pm vs Texas Tornadoes 13 Teal, won 25-16, 25-22
  • 7:30pm vs Austin Performance 13 Puma, won 25-23, 22-25, 15-10

Saturday’s schedule – court 5 Hall F

  • 8:00am vs Bragging Rights 13, won  25-16, 26-24
  • 10:00am vs Summit 13 White, won 25-12, 25-1
  • 1:00pm vs Dallas Force American Terri, won 25-7-25-11
  • 7:00pm vs TAV Molten, won 25-10, 25-11

Sunday’s schedule

  • 8:00am vs TAV Blue, lost 25-20, 23-25, 8-15

Final standings

This was the largest qualifier in the country (1423 teams) and we didn’t have much confidence going in with the team peaking out 3 tournaments ago and has been struggling to get to the next level of play on offense.  Winning with defense like we’ve been doing won’t be enough with this tournament.

But once the tournament began thanks to having Becca back from knee injury and Kristen not slowed by her ankle sprain, also by paying more attention to the passing game, the offense came alive for the team to go from a 55th seed to 5th seed by beating Austin Performance Puma to claim their position. The girls played great all weekend to win 7 straight matches before losing to TAV Blue to finish 9th out of 120 teams. Great job, girls!

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Springfling, March 31-April 1, 2012

At  VIP (1909 10th Street, Suite 400 Plano, TX 75074 – Google map)

Saturday’s schedule – court 3, Pools (play, ref, play, ref, rest, play)

  • 8:00am vs Texas Image Elite, won 25-18, 25-15
  • 10:00am vs Metro Heat Red, won 25-2, 25-7
  • 1:00pm vs Instinct Cougars Elite, won 25-18, 25-18

Sunday’s schedule

  • 8:00am vs TAV North Black, won 25-20, 25-12
  • 10:00am vs Lone Star Smack, won 25-19, 25-16
  • 12:00pm vs Excel National, won 11-25, 25-22, 15-8
  • 1:00pm vs Texas Assault Black, lost 12-25, 18-25

Final standings

Springfling 2nd place Gold, yay!

This tournament was more exciting than usual with our friendly rivals Absolute Red and Texas Assault Black being there and all of us made it to the gold playoffs.  We were on track to meet with Absolute Red in the second round of playoffs, hoping to even our loss to them earlier this year in order to get rid of the -1.5 points deduction that has been lowering our ranking in the region (currently 16th). But Absolute Red lost to Lone Star Smack in the first round and the Kabooms did the next best thing by having a strong game to beat Lone Star Smack.

Then things fell apart a bit where we played poorly against Excel national and had to turn to our defensive game to grind out a win to make it to the finals to meet Texas Assault Black. We played another defensive game against Texas Assault hoping to pull out a win but was no match for their offense. We eventually unshackled our offense to be more competitive and had success here and there but didn’t have enough to turn the tide.

The loss was disappointing but placing 2nd out of 34 teams is plenty good for playing 7 matches in one weekend with just 7 players (Becca out with hurt knee) where fatigue was a factor. We’ll take it any day. Great job, girls!


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Summit Star #3, March 24-25, 2012

At  VIP (1909 10th Street, Suite 400 Plano, TX 75074 – Google map)

Saturday’s schedule – court 2, Pools (play, ref, play, ref, rest, play)

  • 3:00pm vs Knights Royal, won 25-12, 25-13
  • 5:00pm vs TAV 13 National, won 25-7, 25-12
  • 8:00pm vs Club Legacy National White, won 25-10, 25-13

Sunday’s schedule – court 2

  • 10:00am vs Dallas Summit Molten Blue, won 25-10, 25-13
  • 11:00am vs Skyline Roshambo Royal, lost 25-14, 25-23

Final standings

We are a small team to begin with then had just 6 players for this tournament (Gillian on vacation, Becca hurt her knee) and nearly got disqualified Sunday morning having only 5 players when the ref wanted to start the game early.

But the girls did great. They rolled through pool play, having fun executing the quick sets and crosses they’ve been practicing. They earned a first round bye in the Gold playoffs, continued to play well and had a strong match against Skyline Roshambo Royal, especially in the second set where we had a 10 point lead and nearly won it.  Great job, girls!


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Colorado Crossroads Qualifier, February 25-27, 2012

Saturday’s schedule – court 45, Pools (play, play, rest, play, ref)

  • 9:00am vs Club Altitude 13 Blue, won 25-10, 25-6
  • 10:00am vs ARVC131 Hanapa’a, won 25-15, 25-12
  • 12:00pm vs Juggernaut 13 White, won 25-10, 25-8

Sunday’s schedule – court 56, Pools (play, ref, play, ref, rest, play)

  • 8:00am vs Norco 13 White, won 25-13, 25-16
  • 10:00am vs Believe 13 Jubilee, won 25-21, 25-10
  • 1:00pm vs New Wave 13 Platinum, lost 25-10, 19-25, 9-15

Monday’s schedule – court 55

  • 8:00am vs SA Magic 13-1, lost 20-25, 25-18, 14-16

Final standings


This was our very first out-of-town tournament and Colorado Crossroads was as good as advertised. The tournament was well run, the venue was great, downtown Denver was great, even the weather cooperated to give us 3 spring-like days.

The Kabooms started out as 45th seed out of 54 teams but showed some North Texas power to finish 9th. In the process, the Kabooms scored a win over the 5th seed, made the Gold playoffs, and came so close to beating the SA Magic team that won first place (qualifying for a spot in this year’s national championship). It was an exciting match where both teams put constant pressure on each other and neither could pull away. We had a slight upper hand in the third set but lost momentum in the final stretch to lose 14-16.  The close loss was tough to take but it was good to see the Kaboom girls hold their own against such a good team. Great job, girls!

Yet the best part of this tournament was how well the girls enjoyed being with each other on and off the court throughout the three days. This team already gets along yet they’ve bonded even more at this tournament. It was just great to see.


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Texas Fest, February 11-12, 2012

At Skyline (900 Stewart Ave, Plano 75074 – Google map)

Saturday’s schedule – court 1, Pools (play, ref, play, ref, rest, play)

  • 3:00pm vs Superior Sports Navy, tied 25-17, 15-25
  • 5:00pm vs CTV Red, tied 25-12, 17-25
  • 8:00pm vs JET Milbern, tied 23-25, 25-12

Sunday’s schedule – court 6

  • 1:00pm vs Dallas Premier 13 Black, won 17-25, 25-23, 15-13
  • 2:00pm vs Amarillo Juniors National Royal, lost 25-11, 25-27, 15-17

Tournament results

Talk about a wild ride. In Saturday’s pool play, the team was inconsistent all day, playing great for stretches then goes into the tank inexplicably. We were well on our way to miss the Gold playoffs for the first time ever.  Nevertheless we were still in contention for Gold if we win the last game by at least 9 points against a JET team that had just beaten us 23-25. The girls stepped up just in time to win 25-12 to continue our streak of Gold playoffs.

Sunday was a different story, the girls played their best ball to date with no let up whatsoever. They scored a come from behind win over Dallas Premier Black. Then battled a talented Amarillo Juniors National Royal team to the wire where a lucky bounce or two would’ve won us the match. It was great fun to see the girls coming back to play so well after a rough Saturday to finish 3rd in this tournament. Great job, girls!

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Nfinity Region Ranking Tournament, February 4-5, 2012

At  Net Results (2600 Research Drive, Plano 7574 – Google map)

Saturday’s schedule – court 2, Pools (ref, play, rest, play, ref, play)

  • 4:00pm vs Nitro Elite Black, won 25-21, 25-7
  • 6:00pm vs 900.2, won 25-14, 25-18
  • 8:00pm vs TAV Black, lost 14-25, 18-25

Sunday’s schedule

  • 8:00am vs Texas Image National, won 23-25, 25-12, 15-3
  • 9:00am vs Skyline Roshambo Royal, lost 13-25, 11-25
  • 12:00pm vs Tejas Rox, lost 23-25, 16-25

Tournament results

This was the second of North Texas Region’s three ranking tournaments where the best teams come to play. With us finishing 21st at the first ranking tournament and seeing how other teams have improved, we were a little nervous.

For Saturday, our goals were to beat Nitro Black whom we had a tied game with a week ago, and to make Gold playoffs. The girls did both.

On Sunday, we got a little greedy and wanted to finish 9th but stumbled a bit not able to get past Tejas Rox to finish 16th.

The highlight of this tournament was getting to play against Skyline and TAV’s top teams. We’re no match for them but it was good to see the Kaboom girls play unfazed and well against them.

Texas Fest next weekend would be our 5th tournament in 6 weeks. That’s a lot of competition but the girls are handling it very well, learning to bounce back from tough losses and are getting better each week  as we prepare for Colorado Crossroads later this month. Go Kabooms!

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American Volleyball Challenge, January 28-29, 2012

At  the Dallas Convention Center (650 S Griffin St  Dallas, Texas 75202 – Google map)

Saturday’s schedule – (Hall F) court 14, Pools (play, ref, play, ref, play, rest, play)

  • 8:00am vs TNT Hughes, won 25-19, 25-9
  • 10:00am vs Instinct Cougars Elite, won 25-12, 25-14
  • 12:00pm vs Nitro Elite Black, tied 25-20, 25-27

Sunday’s schedule – court 12

  • 8:00am vs Club Legacy National Blue, won 25-18, 25-16
  • 10:00am vs Texas Image Mizuno Kristen, lost 25-18, 17-25, 11-15

Tournament results

This tournament nearly went down the tube when team captain and 5:1 setter Kristen sprained her ankle in the very first match. Gillian and Madeline filled in as setters and the rest of the team stepped up and turned to their defensive game to grind out points to win their pool on Saturday.

In the Gold playoffs on Sunday, the girls stepped up some more in reducing unforced errors to win against higher ranked Club Legacy. The Kabooms kept up their good play against Texas Image Mizuno to win the first set but didn’t have their usual level of offense without Kristen to close out the deal.  We finished tied for 5th place which is as good as we could hope for.  Great job, girls!

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MLK Region Ranking Tournament, January 14-15, 2012

At  TAV-ASC (4302 Buckingham Road, Forth Worth – Google map)

Saturday’s schedule  –  court 9, Pools (ref, play, rest, play, ref, play)

  • 4:00pm vs Instinct Cougars National, won 25-14, 25-18
  • 6:00pm vs Club 900 13.3, won 25-22, 25-18
  • 8:00pm vs Club Vertical Black, won 25-18, 25-21

Sunday’s schedule – court 9

  • 9:00am vs Tejas National, lost 25-14, 8-25, 15-8
  • 11:00am vs Ellis County Nationals, lost 20-25, 19-25

Tournament results

This was one of the the three “ranking” tournaments of the season where the best teams in the region came to sort out the region’s pecking orders.

The catchphrase “two steps forward, one step back” sums up our weekend. The girls did good improving their offense to win their pool on Saturday, in the process beating Vertical Black whom they lost to last weekend. Then on Sunday, despite all their efforts, the team didn’t play their best and lost twice in the Gold playoffs, even the consolation match, for the first time.  As the result we finished 21st out of 48 teams, well below our expectations.

The team was well situated in the playoffs for a deep run thanks to good pool results but just couldn’t hang on to the opportunity. Still, what we love about these girls is that with two tough tournaments in consecutive weekends, they were given the choice of not having practice on Tuesday and they said no, wanting to get back to work. That’s the spririt!

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New Year’s Classic, January 7-8 2012

At  VIP(1909 10th Street, Suite 400 Plano, TX 75074 – Google map)

Saturday’s schedule  –  court 2. Pools (play, ref, play, ref, rest, play)

  • 2:30pm vs NorTex Black, won 25-16, 25-16
  • 4:30pm vs Dallas Summit White, won 25-15, 25-15
  • 6:30pm vs Texas Image Mizuno Kristen, tied 25-21, 19-25

Sunday’s schedule – court 2.

  • 10:00am vs Tejas National, won 19-25, 25-17-15-4
  • 11:00am vs Blackhawks Natinal, won 21-25, 25-21, 15-8
  • 1:00pm vs Club Vertical Black, lost 21-25, 25-20, 15-9

Tournament results

After the last tournament, the girls did good working hard to shore up weaknesses to come to this tournament more ready to compete. And they sure did, to win coming from behind twice to finish higher in this tough tournament (7 of last year’s top-10 teams came to play) than we could expect (3rd out of 40 teams). That’s resilience. Great job, girls!

Another thing is with us being a small  team where  everyone gets plenty of playing time, which is good, yet the downside is our outside hitters and setters had to play with no sub the whole way and had to dig deep and deeper to play through mental and physical fatigue as the team advanced. It was great to see the girls pulled for one another and gave everything they had. They played hard and they had fun together, the Kaboom way!

As with the last tournament, we see more areas for improvement and we sure will get after it!

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2012 Season Goals

  1. Work hard, be resilient. Embrace the cycle of working hard to improve, play your best, lose to a better team, get better from it, do it all over again.
  2. Have fun. Enjoy volleyball and the team. Be loyal and supportive teammates. Make this the funnest Kaboom season ever.
  3. Win 4 out of 5 matches. Win first place at least once. Win top-3 at least three times. This is how we got high rankings last year. If we work hard and have fun, we can win this well again.

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Dallas Home Opener, December 17-18, 2011

At  Texas Assault (12750 Perimeter Rd, Dallas TX 75228)

Saturday’s schedule  – 8am start time, court 2. Pools (play, ref, play, ref, rest, play)

  • 8:00am vs Tejas National, tied 25-15, 18-25
  • 10:00am vs Dallas Force Select, won 25-12, 25-14
  • 1:00pm vs Black Hawks Red National, won 25-19, 25-13

Sunday’s schedule – 8am start time, court 1

  • 8:00am vs Lake City Edge Orange, won 25-12, 25-13
  • 10:00am vs Absolute Red, lost 15-25, 16-25

Tournament results

We finished 5th out of 25 teams which is plenty good except we were hoping to go further given how well the girls have worked to prepare. On the other hand, we were able to experiment with different line-ups and in the process found a capable setter in Gillian who did amazing despite her lack of experience. We also saw Maddy who was a reserve player last year, play with great confidence to anchor the middle blocker position very well for us. Maddy stepped up big time to carry the team offensively when we needed her.

As for the team, there were many high points especially their strong play against Blackhawks National. Yet the best part of this tournament was seeing how they began the quarter finals error-prone and being steam rolled by Absolute Red yet the girls kept battling to find their A game to finish strong each set. Despite all their troubles, the girls didn’t give up and kept working at overcoming their difficulties. That’s the personality of this group of girls, that’s how they won last year and how they’ll do it again this year.

Have a wonderful Christmas break, everyone!

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Spiking Kabooms

Last year, we were known for our defense. This year, we want to show that we can play some offense too and have been working on it. Go Kabooms!

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December dates

December 4 – Scorekeeper clinic, 4:30pm at Texas Assault

December 17-18 – Dallas Home Opener tournament, location/time TBA

December 19-31 – Christmas break

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USAV+NTR registration

To renew last year’s membership, click here

To register for the first time, click here

Everyone also needs to print and fill out this medical form

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Summer recap

The Kabooms took a month off after the club season before playing Summer league at Sportsplex.  They played up one grade and finished 3rd in the 8th grade division.

2011 Summer League

The girls also worked hard to get ready for school tryouts. 7th grader Lucy who goes to Providence made her school’s 8th grade team. The rest of the Kabooms go to Highland Park where we had 6 girls making the 7th grade’s A team, 1 making the B team. Great job, girls!

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2010-2011 Season recap

Here’s how the Kabooms did with the goals set before the start of the season.

1. Rank in the top 1/3. Yes, they did! They also went way further to make top 1/10  in North Texas, which is unreal.

2. Win top-3 at least 3 times. They sure did, too! Great job, Kabooms.

3. Win 1st place at least once. Not this one. We went for the more difficult tournaments, came close to this goal twice but didn’t make it. We also switched gears mid-season to play as a national team with the goal of qualifying for USAV National Championship in Atlanta. We didn’t make that goal either (only 4% of teams do), but aiming high spurred the girls to improve more than otherwise so we’ll keep doing it for sure.

4. Work hard, have fun, improve every week. The girls did work hard (also whined hard), had fun even when they shouldn’t, and kept improving week after week, tournament after tournament. It was a lot of fun to see.


For a former YMCA team coached by parents to have done that much, the girls had to overachieve week after week all season. And in the process, not only have they grown by leaps and bounds in volleyball skills but they also have grown as people too as they dealt with the challenges, on and off the court, that come with intense competition. It was good to see them being good teammates and be supportive of each other in difficulties as well as success.

A famous coach once said “Each season is a journey, and each journey is a lifetime”. This season certainly felt that way given how much the girls have done and how far they’ve come.

The Kabooms have had some great seasons and this one was the best. Thank you, parents, for your awesome girls. And thank you, girls, for being such great people. We coaches learned from you, too.

Go Kabooms!

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North Texas Regional Bid Championship, April 30-May 1

At  VIP (1909 10th Street Suite 400, Plano, TX 75074)

Saturday’s schedule  – 8am start time, court 4. Pools (play, ref, play, ref, rest, play)

Sunday’s schedule – 8am start time, court 5

For the national teams in our region, this was the most crucial tournament of the season where the top 3 teams get to go to Atlanta in June for the USAV National Championship.  A lot was at stake and the weekend was like a mini-NCAA March Madness where the level of play was outstanding, where suddenly hot teams took down higher ranked teams with abandon.

The Kabooms were at their peak and were upset minded but could not get past our season-long nemesis, 7th ranked Texas Image Mizuno. We met them in the Gold division playoffs where the Kaboom girls made one gutsy play after another to tie the score at 12-12 in the third set to be so close to pulling off an upset we could almost taste it, before they finished us off in three quick points. Playing Texas Image always brings out the best in us and our girls played the best they could, mentally as well as physically. That’s really all we can ask for so this loss is still a win in our book. Great job, girls! And congratulations to Texas Image, we hope to see you again next year!

(Update:  Texas Image finished 4th in this tournament but will go to Nationals after all, receiving a reallocation bid from a team that declined to go. Congrats again and good luck in Atlanta!)

Kabooms + Texas Image

Then we finished the season on a high note with a wonderful party at the Wyma’s where the girls went swimming in 54 degree weather (just like them). Thank you, Coach Wyma and Mrs Coach, Kay for hosting us!

More photos…

Tournament results…

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It’s official, we’re 10th in North Texas, wow!

In computer ranking as well as coaches voting.

That’s 10th out of 92 ranked teams (126 teams if including those don’t want to be ranked) in North Texas, ranging beyond DFW from Wichita Falls to Tyler.

Before the season began, we were hoping to rank around 30th to make the top 1/3, which was plenty ambitious for a former YMCA team coached by parents instead of professional coaches.  Making top 10 is awesome.

Great job, girls!

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Lone Star Classic National Qualifier, April 22-24

At the Dallas Convention Center (650 South Griffin Street Dallas, TX 75202)

Friday’s schedule  – 2:30pm start time, court 7 – Hall F.   Round1 pool (ref, play, rest, play, ref, play)

Saturday’s schedule – 8am start time, court 7 – Hall FRound 2 pool (play, rest, ref, play, play)

Sunday’s schedule – 8am start time,  court 13 – Hall F.  Silver A Bracket (single elimination)

This tournament will have 1200+, not players, teams.   It’s a monster of a tournament, the largest qualifier in the country with 180 of last year’s participant teams went on to nationals. Here’s the tournament website.

It’ll be fun, let’s get ready for it!


April 24th – Wow, that was some tournament. So many good teams from all over the country, even the semi-legendary Borenquin Coqui team from Puerto Rico (update: they finished 1st at nationals). Plus the unexpected twist and turns that made this tournament “epic” as Madeline said.

The week began promisingly with an extra good practice on Tuesday, then a fun practice on Thursday where the girls wrote their ideas on “How I can be a leader”.Then at the tournament, just as they were finding their mojo, came a big blow when our most versatile player Maddy badly sprained her ankle on the second day. The girls unraveled a bit to nearly have lost the next match against Texas Tornados, but were re-energized to win the match seeing Maddy back from the trainer’s. It was great to see their affection for Maddy.

Injured Maddy

With Lucy too already hobbling from tendinitis the Kabooms played on with just 6 healthy players.  They still finished 17th, above the 29th seed they began this tournament with. Great job, girls!A nice surprise at the tournament was meeting Sunshine 12 Elite, a team from California, whom we lost to twice. Each time was a hard-fought battle, and it was after the first match that two Sunshine players came to our post-game huddle to share heart-felt encouragement to our girls. As parent coaches, we want our girls to develop character as well, and it was a wonderful example of sportsmanship and leadership to see. We definitely will emulate it. Kudos to the Sunshines!

Kabooms + Sunshines + Justin

Something else to take away from this tournament after seeing some of the best teams in the country in person, is that we’re actually not that far off from them like we had thought. The amazing hits and digs that they do with every rally, our girls can do too once in a while in pracice. We just can’t do it at will like them on a consistent basis yet. It’s certainly doable to speed up the process to be as good as them if we set our minds to it to train as they do and be willing to work through the many struggles and difficulties that will entail. That would be a great accomplishment for a team like ours.

But I think the price to be that good is perhaps too steep for this group of girls to pay. We certainly want them to be passionate about volleyball. But not so consumed by it that they cannot continue to play other sports, do other activities to develop other talents.

We have one more tournament next weekend, let’s enjoy our last week of 2011 club ball and make sure the girls know we appreciate them.

Go Kabooms!

Sunshines + Kabooms

More photos…

Tournament results…

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Springfling, April 2-3

At ASC (4302 Buckingham Rd. Ft. Worth, TX 76115)

Saturday’s schedule  – 8am start time, court 8. Pools (play, ref, play, ref, rest, play)

Sunday’s schedule – 10am start time, court 8

Our goals for this tournament were to finish top-3 and to win against Victory National to recoup ranking points lost to them.  The girls did both.

It was, however, a bit of a wild ride with the team not practicing hard on Tuesday, perhaps feeling they’ve arrived given how well they did last weekend. They got back on track at Thursday’s practice but still began this tournament not playing well, quite error-prone unlike their normal selves as they tried to be more of an offensive team.  To their credit, the girls kept working at it and by the end of Saturday, they were at their best of the entire season, offensively and defensively to win pool play against TAV Black in a match where both teams put constant pressure on each other with great plays. The Kabooms handled the heat with teamwork and more mental toughness than we’ve seen.

They stayed on fire in Sunday’s playoffs to win convincingly against Victory National, then went toe-to-toe with Skyline Roshambo Royal (2nd ranked in the region) in the semis. To be fair, Roshambo Royal was playing down to our level but the Kaboom girls were oh so close in winning a big upset, leading for many parts of the match before losing 23-25, 23-25.

We’re (cautiously) so proud of the Kabooms.  With this tournament, playing with energy and spirit is now a habit and the girls have also added resiliency and mental toughness to their game. Great job, girls!

2011 Springfling

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Summit Star #3, March 26-27

At ASC (4302 Buckingham Rd. Ft. Worth, TX 76115)

Saturday’s schedule  – 8am start time, court 3. Pools (play, ref, play, ref, rest, play)

Sunday’s schedule – 9am start time, court 4.

This tournament had 4 of the region’s top-10 teams, which is a bit of a rarity in this stretch of the season where national teams are traveling.  We were the 5th seed going in, and finished 5th place despite going through a tough bracket. Which was pretty good but the girls did way better than that.

This tournament marked the first time when they went from primarily a defensive team to winning games with their offense. Even the setters got into the act to have everyone on the team with at least one spiking kill. Definitely a milestone for us. The Kabooms won 4 straight matches spiking it up a storm to reach the quarterfinals against a very good Texas Image Mizuno team (8th ranked in the region) and nearly pulled off an upset but couldn’t sustain the high level of play to lose in the third set.  Hats off to Texas Image, we hope to see them again.

Us coaches and parents are so proud of the Kaboomers.  Playing with energy and spirit is becoming a habit and they’re starting to have an offense to go with their never-say-die defense. Watch out, other teams!

Tournament results

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American Volleyball Challenge, March 12-13

At the Dallas Convention Center (650 South Griffin Street Dallas, TX 75202)

Saturday’s schedule  – 12pm start time, court 3. Pools (play, ref, play)

Sunday’s schedule – 8am start time, court 1

We’re the #1 seed in this tournament (unlike the first 4 tournaments where we were bottom seeded being a new club with no ranking history). It’ll be interesting how the team will deal w/ being a favorite instead of an underdog. Let’s be ready, Kabooms!


The girls were ready and able, they just fell shy of closing the deal in the finals to finish 2nd in this tournament. Hats off to the Kabooms for their extra effort the entire weekend. They rolled through pool play winning it without letup for +86 cumulative points differential, then kept up the pace in the playoffs until the finals where they lost a hard-fought match that could have gone either way. Great job, girls, we’re very proud of your effort and spirit!

American Volleyball Challenge 2011

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Tournament results

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North Texas Invitational – Regional Ranking Tournament, March 5-6

At ASC (4302 Buckingham Rd. Ft. Worth, TX 76115)

Saturday’s schedule  – 2:30pm start time, court 9. Pools (ref, play, rest, play, ref, play)

Sunday’s schedule – 8am start time, court 9

This was the third and last ranking tournament of the season where all the region’s best teams came to play before they fly off to the various national qualifiers around the country. We signed up for the Open division again hoping to validate our recent 11th ranking in the region.

The girls did that by finishing 9th; and if success is measured by performing to one’s potential, the Kaboom girls nailed it.

They finished Saturday winning their pool by edging out (albeit narrowly on 0.02 points ratio) a talented Texas Image Mizuno team (8th in the region) then in the playoffs nearly pulled off a big upset over the Madfrog National Nicky team (7th in the region) before running out of steam physically and emotionally in the third set. It was so exciting and simply great to see.

Yet the best part of the tournament was how the girls played with energy and spirit throughout the tournament to win one tough point after tough point, in the process saw how effort and determination are keys to success.

Great job, Kabooms, we’re very proud of you all!

Tournament results

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We’re 11th in North Texas Region, yay!

February NTR Computer Ranking (click on 12’s to see)

11th out of 98 teams. Way to go, girls! Definitely on their way to meet the 2011 season goals.

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We’re going national

Our plan was to play this season as a regional team then to prepare for being a national team next year. But the girls have done exceedingly well, enough to be a national team this year, so we’re going for it.

We’ve upgraded our remaining tournaments schedule and have started to train more rigorously since last week (the girls were gassed but undeterred).  Our goal now is to improve at a faster pace in the next two months to have a chance at nabbing a spot in the USAV Juniors National championship (in Atlanta in June) by finishing top 3 at NTR’s Regional Bid Tournament in April 30.

It’s a long shot for us since only 4% of teams make it but it’s better to shoot for being excellent and end up being good, rather than aiming for being good and settle for mediocre. Go Kabooms!

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